if you throw money at him he dances.
Anonymous said:
I dunno why you're so down on your old art dude, you're one of my all time favorite artists and even your older stuff is hella amazing. I love going through it sometimes and seeing the improvements you've made here and there, little anatomy things and damn your expressions have always been my fav. You're great man, I'm always happy to see you making stuff, especially pinecest. If for nothing else, just because that's how I found you and it's sorta nostalgic and shit. You're great bruh! <3


thank you ;u; 

blah, i’m just down on it cos when i look at old stuff all i see is cringe-worthy mistakes that i can’t believe i couldn’t see back then, but eyy, that’s just a part of growing as an artist i guess

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Anonymous said:
I hate to ask but I just gotta after reading all of Hide n' Seek. Is there a ballpark estimate on when the next chapter might be out?

//hesitantly shrugs

it’ll get updated at some point but not sure about the ballpark thing

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h ahaha….

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Anonymous said:
How did u manage to draw the same face over and over and over and over again? Did u practice a lot or it just a damn talent?

uh the first one i guess

i’ve done an embarassing amount of comics and pictures involving older pines twins by this point and if you draw characters enough you eventually just have an idea of what they’re supposed to look like in your own head

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pineneedleshurt said:
you're an inspiration, lady. a pure sparkly energy of inspiration. thank

:,) aw thneeds, you’re makin me blush over here dammit

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footage of me being murdered last night or this morning whenever it was by doublepines

ahahh committing murder was not my original intention what a happy accident

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Anonymous said:
Just read/looked at carried away and am genuinely drowning in feels. Doublepines, you are an idol to the pinecesters too weak or fearful to make a blog and actually post. I thank and hail you. One day, you shall be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

sometimes ya just gotta deal out some feelings to people every now n again. glad you enjoyed friend

and ooooh an ambiguous promise of reward I like the sound of that

just a heads up for this mysterious future reward giver, i take cash, checks, target gift cards and gold doubloons

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in honor of my belated 2 year anniversary on this blog i redrew the very first thing i ever posted here

hot diggity dog

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"stuff from 2012"

oh my god i just realized that this pinecest exclusive blog is over 2 years old and i’m still active on it what in the actual fuck ahahha

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Anonymous said:
My head wasnt in the game

get out, get out of this house

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Anonymous said:
i still look at your stuff from 2012 and enjoy it, so i know i'd appreciate something that's only a few months old. but if you're still not comfortable posting, totally fair. also, pretty sure alex hirsch doesn't actually care about pinecest (or what fans do in general) from what his girlfriend's mentioned.

nah i always knew he didn’t give any real shits/pay attention, i mean the dude has a life haha

this is more of a personal mental thing ya know bro

oh god don’t remind me of my stuff from 2012 i’ve already gradually secretly deleted a chunk of it

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hey check it out was looking through my docs and realized that the first snippet ever written for hide n’ seek is one year old today

snap that story is a year old snnnnnap

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#and this particular snippet hasn't even been posted yet lmao #one day...