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Anonymous said:
This question has been bothering me for a while but, what would fem!dip's voice sound like? When I'm reading fanfics about her i get confused about what she would sound like. Would it be super high-pitched? That question has bothered me ever since I found out about her.

this is an instance in which you get to use your imagination

it’s certainly wouldn’t sound just like Mabel’s voice? umm

think of the chill smoothness of Jason ritter’s voice and then pitch it up a bit into a more female tone I guess haha I don’t know how to help you more than that

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Anonymous said:
Dipper: I cant even understand why Im so goddamn attracted to my sister, why the hell is this cereal so good

Mabel: snarfsnarFsnaRFsNARfsnfar

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#oh and i guess i'm in love with my brother or whatever but jesusmaryandjoseph this cereal #Anonymous
Anonymous said:
Im so sorry I just saw the other anon mention pops so I was like shit lets throw out some shitty cereal humor I never meant any of this

you gotta be careful before you jsut tease good cereal like that

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#although i'm partial to golden grahams #Anonymous

hardcore steamy pinecest AU where the twins sit next to eachother on a couch and eat cinnamon toast crunch

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#that'd be so hot

well now i just want some goddamn cinnamon toast crunch

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Anonymous said:
You understand the complex network of feelings that drive and link the twins, but can you understand why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

its got uhhhh tan lines???

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Anonymous said:
Oh yeah, you gotta have the pinecest. Just like I GOTTA HAVE MY POPS

this person gets it

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Anonymous said:
Soooo... Safe to assume you like the ladies then?

how exactly would it be safe to assume things about my sexuality just by going off my pinecest side blog

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the-fill-in said:
I'll be blunt: I just want to know what the identical twin AU is about. *_*

haha it’s pretty simple actually

AU where dipper was born female bam that’s it

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#and don't forget the pinecest #the-fill-in
Anonymous said:
Typical Internet tough guy syndrome

you obvs got me pegged anon

i’m just so hardcore i’ll fight all of you

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#me with my cartoon incest sideblog #so badass u dont ev en kno #Anonymous

first thing i’ve drawn in 90328 years

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lovelyxlukasiaks said:
Hate to bother you, but when is Pine Moments 6 going to be released?

not sure

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#i haven't started ityet #sadly i'm in arting off season #lovelyxlukasiaks