if you throw money at him he dances.
Anonymous said:
One of the times Mabel tried to fart on Dipper, she accidentally followed through on him and now Dipper gets even more nervous whenever she tries to fart on him again.

alrighty then so this little interlude has gone from teehee the fartbarrier! to mabel taking a shit on her brother

alrighty then

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stupidsexyganondorf said:
mabel is definitely the one who farts on him

you know it

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gengar-bot replied to your post “Where do you think dipper and mabel are on the fart barrier?”

what. my brother would sit on my face and fart. are there siblings that dont do that.

i dunno, i thought forcibly holding your sib down and farting on them came with the job title but maybe i’m wrong??

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Anonymous said:
Where do you think dipper and mabel are on the fart barrier?

i’ve never met a pair of siblings who have a fart barrier

like if you can’t fart in front of your sibling then i dunno what to tell you man but your life sounds terrible

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Anonymous said:

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Anonymous said:
Everyone's asking about hide n' seek. But what about pinemoments, dp?

dey ded

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Anonymous said:
Glad you're back and I hope you're planing on finishing or at least starting the pinecest-y part of that Hide N' Seek fic. c:

the vast majority of that whole thing is already written, it’s just a matter of filling in those pesky blank spots

and also writing the very ending

agggg that fic is embarrassingly lonG lmao

5 days ago  •  16
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Anonymous said:
Do you plan on finishing Hide 'n Seek?

hope to, one day

5 days ago  •  6
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Anonymous said:
Missed you life has meaning again


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squigglegigs said:
well arent u a big heckin shitballer

call 1800 steeeemer

because i am a steaming pile of shit

and i’ll get your home cleaner

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